About Me









I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of The University of Pisa.

I graduated in Biomedical Enginering in 2006 and in PhD in May 2010 I graduated PhD in Automatic Robotic and Bioengineering at University of Pisa.

My actual research is focused on social robotics and human robot empathic interaction studies. I am the scientific coordinator of the FACETeam, a group of the Research Center “E.Piaggio” focused on the development of social robots and  cognitive systems social and affective robotics.

Presently, I am also the techincal coordinator of the EASEL project aimed at developing a theoretical understanding of human-robot symbiotic interaction where symbiosis is defined as the capacity of the robot and the person to mutually influence each other, and alter each other’s behaviour.

Following the line of my research activity I also co-founded a startup Zerynth . Zerynth’s mission is to give everyone the tools to bring their Things Onto the Internet creating a new generation of social interactive objects and installations.

In December 2012 with other colleagues I co-founded the Pisa FABLAB as extension of the already active Leaning Lab, the Pisa’s Living lab. With FabLab and Leaning we created a unique framework for idea designing and prototyping trying to push the limit of collaborative crowd sourcing.



My PhD Thesis (SUITE an Innovative Bioreactor Platform for In Vitro Experiments) [PDF]